Saturday, September 19, 2009

I guess it might be time to update...

I said I would try my best to keep up to date with this blog. It is hard for me becuase I do so many things all the time I am not sure what to blog about and not. I guess once I get to my site and things are a bit slower I will be able to update more often. Right now we are full of Spanish classes, (mine end this coming week) training sessions, observations and the start ofd the relationship between us and the community.
I started co-planning with my training couterpart on thursday, that was interesting. The Nicaraguan classroom is very very diffrent. Class sizes are very big and at least of what I have seen not very organized. When I say organized I mean like in where the students go and procedures to get the class going. Students are all over the school all the time and it is very noisy all the time. I am kind of excited to see what I can do with this energy. I start co-teaching this coming up week so we will see how it goes.
The family I am staying with is really nice. I am getting to know them little by little and I am getting t like them more and more. I have never been in a homestay situation so it was a little diffrent for me. Now we are communicating a lot more and I really enjoy spending time with them. I am learning a lot from them and I think they are learning a lot from me. I have a "mom" Doña Rosita, she cooks amazing. Living with us is one of her daughters and her child Alejandra. She is 7 but looks like she is 11. She can talk my ear off some days but I learn a lot of Nica words from here and I never feel alone. =) or bored for that matter. there is a house in the yard kind of and one Doña Roista´s sons live in with his wife. I have not met his wife yet becuase she is in Panama. I am kind of jealous of that.
Indepence day celebrations happened this week. The parades were fun and interesting. I will post pictures soon. I wasnt really expecting to come to the internet cafe for such a long time to actually blog.
Well I think I have run out of words for now. I am off to explore a little more of my surroundings which I have enjoyed doing with my fellow trainees. I have learned so much these past few weeks. It has kept me really busy. I kind of like it becuase it does not give me time to be nostalgic. If I need a bit of the US i pop in my family guy dvds and watch some. I dont really watch a lot of TV but I can find all kinds of shows here to watch on TV and such. BTW the food is great. I love the fruits and so far I am not missing the food from the states. What i do miss is my friends and family. Thank you for the letters I have recieved and I hoipe to recieve and send many more!!! Till next time...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Departure is getting closer

So, I have been accepted to Start training in Nicaragua this September to help out with the TESL program. I am super excited but of course nervous at the same time. I leave in a week. The days seem to go faster and time in the states with my family and friends is shorter. I guess I will try to keep updates and things of that nature on here. I cant promise anything but I will try. I had fun this summer and I am ready to go on my adventure....